Fearless Blogger writes to ABS-CBN, Enumerates Top Questions the Network should Answer

RJ Nieto | ABS-CBN | SolGen Jose Calida
With the ongoing franchise expiration issue that TV network ABS-CBN is facing and with the uncertain future beyond March 30, its present position to broadcast has been placed in danger more, after Solicitor General Jose Calida asked the Supreme Court to void it.

Now, fearless blogger RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy, after allegedly reading SolGen's Quo Warranto Petition, enumerates ten questions for ABS-CBN to answer.

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On his latest Facebook post, TP writes an open letter to the network because according to him, just like them, he wants to be in the service of the people.

With these words being said, the blogger, urges the Kapamilya network to give proper answers to the allegations that the Solgen assertedly been tossing at them.

Solicitor General Jose Calida | Photo credit to the owner
According to him, there is actually a great possibility that the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will pose the same questions, "his questions", during the oral arguments, however, badly as per TP, these questions are not as obvious to the network, reason why he listed it all down.

Read his questions and full post below:

Dear ABS-CBN Executives,

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I wrote to you because just like you, I want to be in the Service of the Filipino.

With that said, I strongly encourage you guys to give substantive answers to the allegations that SolGen Calida threw at you, instead of appealing to pity like what you've been doing these past several days.

Yes, you may succeed in eliciting sympathy from the less educated sector of the population. Still, anybody with a significant amount of common sense and reading comprehension will see through the smoke and mirrors. More importantly, I doubt that any from that sector sits in the Supreme Court.

I'm just a college dropout but even the college dropout in me is more interested in legal arguments than in sob stories. You see, last time I checked, the Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court is not another episode of Pilipinas Got Talent.

No, the Christian Esguerra Valentines' Day video doesn't count, as I've extensively explained in an earlier post.

You see, I've been trying my best to be as neutral and objective as possible on this issue, but neutrality and objectivity do not imply tolerance to hogwash.

(NOTE: See, I'm trying to be really nice to you because I used "hogwash" and not "bull$hit".)

In case you're having difficulty in looking for what to say, you may answer one or more of the following questions that are directly relevant to the Quo Warranto Case:

1: Does ABS-CBN have all the necessary NTC permits to offer PPV on KBO? Show the permit/s.

2: Did ABS-CBN secure congressional approval before it acquired the original Telecoms franchise holder? Show a relevant document.

3: Did ABS-CBN publicly offer 30% of ABS-CBN Convergence stocks at the Philippine Stock Exchange? What's the stock symbol for it?

4: What do ABS-CBN’s executives do after being informed of significant fluctuations in the price of their PDRs?

5: What happens when a non-Filipino ABS-CBN PDR holder complains to ABS-CBN execs that they don't give enough dividends?

6: If a non-Filipino threatens to dump ABS-CBN PDRs in the stock market, what would ABS-CBN executives do?

7: What are the factors that determine the price of ABS-CBN PDRs? If extant ABS-CBN PDRs demonstrate chronically poor performance, will future investors be eager to buy future ABS-CBN PDRs?

8. Does ABS-CBN management address these factors to enhance the value of ABS-CBN PDRs?

9. Do ABS-CBN managers care about the price of ABS-CBN PDRs? Explain.

10: Why did ABS-CBN source funding from non-Filipinos when it can just get funding from local sources?

There's a pretty good chance that the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will ask these questions during the oral arguments.

I am no legal eagle, but these questions are so obvious that anybody who has read the petition's full text will itch to ask them. Unfortunately, they are not as obvious to you, that's why I listed them down.

And in case you, by some miracle, sufficiently address all of the questions enumerated above, feel free to contact me so I can give you more.

I sincerely look forward to something more sensible than what you made Christian Esguerra read from the teleprompter.

Again, I am trying to be as neutral and objective as humanly possible, so please don't make my staying that way more complicated than it already is.


Thinking Pinoy"

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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