Lawyer and Radio Host on ABS-CBN Franchise: "RENEWAL IS NOT A MATTER OF RIGHT!"

Atty. Bruce Rivera | ABS-CBN | Photo credit to the owner

Amid the complications that TV network ABS-CBN is facing at the moment, which franchise is set to expire in just a little over a month, prominent lawyer and radio host, Atty. Bruce Rivera, yet again fired a striking opinion regarding the network, it's employees, artists and other people who he thinks 
mislead press freedom from constitutional law.

According to Atty. Bruce, franchise renewal is actually not a matter of right, hence, he too run down different situations where freedom of the press is considered valid or not, comply or infringe the law.

ABS-CBN | Photo credit to the owner

Read his powerful point of view below:

Screenshot of Rivera's post | Credit to his Facebook page


When a media company is made to pay income tax at the same rate: valid exercise of the power of taxation.

When a media company is singled out to pay more taxes than the rest of those similarly situated: INFRINGEMENT.

A law prohibits all media companies to be 100% owned by Filipinos: valid exercise of police power.

A law prohibiting Media Company A from having any foreign capital but allows others to have foreign capital: INFRINGEMENT.

When the government closes down a media company in the middle of an existing franchise while no law was violated: INFRINGEMENT

What if there was a law violated and the franchise is existing? It depends if the violation of law also violated franchise agreement. If yes, breach of contract and justified.

There is no law violated and the franchise has ended? No infringement. RENEWAL IS NOT A MATTER OF RIGHT."

Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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