Fearless Writer Burns Robredo Mother and Daughter: "Di na kayo nahiya sa mga public declarations nyo!"

Vice President Leni Robredo and daughter Tricia | Krizette Laureta Chu' Facebook post | CTTO
Amid the continuous spread of COVID-19 pandemic that is going on around the world, including the Philippines, it appears that administration critics and haters of President Rodrigo Duterte never cease to sprawl their claim that there are indeed 'paid trolls' allegedly supporting the government.

And it is even more disturbing that these claims are coming to the Vice President herself, Leni Robredo and her daughter, Tricia Robredo.

Apparently, the mother and daughter declares that funds used for social media trolls should rather be utilized to provide protective gear for COVID-19 frontliners, this is as if they have the proof that there are indeed 'paid trolls' coming from the administration.

Photo shared by Krizette Laureta Chu | CTTO

This declaration from Vice President Leni Robredo and her daughter did not sit well with fearless writer and President Duterte supporter, Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu, and made her very furious and annoyed, that in a recent Facebook post, answered back and reprimanded the mother and daughter tandem.

According to Chu, it really saddened her that the two are politicizing the on-going pandemic, that in the midst of this trial they still find time to spread hate and defamation. 

VP Leni Robredo and daughter, Tricia | Photo credit to the owner

Read her very powerful post below:

"So sad how the mother and daughter (both girls) Robredos are politicizing this COVID19.

If they know the rate of trolls, they must have already spoken to an online troll who has admitted to them how it goes. So what’s stopping them—especially since they’ve already gone on to damage this country abroad with their palit ulo declarations—to produce said troll and admit on live TV with proof that they’re online trolls of Duterte?

I mean if puro trolls si Duterte bakit ultimo rally nyo nilalangaw, bakit si Jover LAurio ang May Ninang at ninong na destabilizers at May budget nang magarang wedding, bakit wala kayo mapapanalo man lang na Senator, bakit sila Maane Adorna ang nakikipag away sa funding sa rally? Bakit yung lawyer niyo sa ICC Di nyo nabayaran umatras agad? Bakit yung isang witness kuno nung pari pinapadalhan nya ng courier money? Kayo dyan ang pera pera lang. Sanay kasi kayo sa ganyan.

The problem with Leni and Tricia and their party is that they can’t accept that MAJORITY of Filipinos hate them—and so they say things like this, as if denying our existence, WE WHO PAY LENI’S SALARY, will make them well loved public personalities.

Is it so hard to understand we hate your guts? TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA, imagine how much you hate Duterte’s guts, multiply it by 80 million. That’s how much we hate your guts.

Di na kayo nahiya sa mga public declarations nyo as if may ebidensya kayo.



Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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