Davao Vlogger to Duterte Haters: "You see a clown, we see a hard-working erpat"

Chito Samontina | President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
To all the criticisms, hates and insults that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been receiving from his haters, amidst the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic, some supporters of the President remain calm and choose to understand where the oppositions are coming from.

Best example of this case is Davao vlogger Chito Samontina, who's Facebook post went viral after he expressed his opinions and emotions in a very calmly manner, defending and standing by the President.

Screenshot of Samontina's post | Credit to his Facebook account

In the said post, Samontina said that despite his being President Duterte supporter, he still has friends who are self-proclaimed dilawans, but still he manages to respect their views whatsoever.

But though he understands their right to criticize and call for better leadership, he still can't help to get hurt everytime they make fun and trash-talk the old man.

President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo credit to the owner
His reason is because President Duterte was like a real father to him, a man that changed every Davaoeños' life and who according to him, love them dearly and sincerely.

Samontina then called for the oppositions to at least just have a little respect to the President, because if they in anyway allegedly see Duterte as a clown, he and all of the Davaoeños see otherwise.

"You see a clown, we see a hard-working erpat.", he wrote.

Read his full heartfelt post below:

"I still have friends who are self-proclaimed dilawans. By friends, I meant in real life. I never unfollowed them because I respect their views.

Criticizing is fine. Totally fine. It’s our right. We all have the right to demand good governance.

However, if you trashtalk the man I always look up to, it hurts.

It hurts knowing that most of you would wait for his speeches only to make fun of him.

It hurts because the man you make fun of is the man I grew up to as a father figure. You will never understand that. Waking up every Sunday with his typical disciplinarian way of talking — you will never understand that.

You will never feel how I felt when I finally faced the man and stared at me and said, “unsa manang naa sa imong dalunggan” (what’s with your ears), pertaining to my ear tunnels. The same reaction when my biological father saw my tattoo. You will never understand that.

Do not call it idolatry.

Because you will never understand how that man changed our lives in Davao City.

If you think Dabawenyos are idolizing him, you’re wrong. We’re like a family here. It is love that he’d shown that made us love him back. It is also called respect. Big respect.

So please, when you call us dutertards by respecting that man, do not mistake it as idolatry.

Furthermore, be respectful when criticizing because it is painful when I see your posts degrading the man I respect. It hurts and that’s why most of us fight back. I’m sorry if we do.

But I hope this time you understand.

You never heard from me personally trashtalking your yellow leaders.

I hope you could do the same.

You see a clown, we see a hard-working erpat.

Big love,

A son of Davao City"

Source: Chito Samontina

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