Former TV Host on Chel Diokno: "Pakilasa ko'y may matatanggalan ng lisensiya ng pagka abogado nire."

Jay Sonza | Chel Diokno | CTTO

Former television host and veteran journalist Jay Sonza, once wrote a striking thought, concerning the alleged writ of kalikasan oral arguments petition.

This petition was said to oblige the government to protect marine resources in the West Philippine Sea, however, the 19 fishermen listed as petitioners had allegedly backed out then.

This was assertedly confirmed by Solicitor General Jose Calida who by then manifested to the high court that the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) actually filed the petition without the express consent and knowledge of fishermen from Palawan and Zambales who were named petitioners in the case.

Filipino Fishermen | CTTO

Calida as stated submitted to the justices the affidavits of the 19 fishermen showing their withdrawal as petitioners in the case filed by the IBP’s Andre Palacios and human rights lawyer and former senatorial candidate Chel Diokno.

The Solicitor General likewise exhibited a video of the interview with the fishermen where they portrayed the situation that had made them at first engaged with the case, thus, said that they were just “deceived” into signing the petition.

With that update on the case, Calida had already sought the dismissal of the petition in the return of writ he filed.

Solicitor General Jose Calida | CTTO

Upon knowing that shocking update, Jay Sonza, who initially reacted to the same issue, fires back at Chel Diokno for allegedly bastardizing the lofty ideals of IBP when they used it as an alleged battering ram to take down the Duterte administration.
Let's all take a look back on one of Sonza's Facebook post when, using his regional dialect, expressed his dismay to Diokno, fires back at the human rights lawyer and asked what really happened to the latter.

"ano ga ang nangyari kay kabayan chel diokno?", Sonza wrote.

He then slurred and forespeak that the lawyer might lose his lawyer's license because of this incident.

"pakilasa ko'y may matatanggalan ng lisensiya ng pagka abogado nire.", the former TV host ended.

Atty. Chel Diokno | CTTO

Read his full post below:

"ano ga ang nangyari kay kabayan chel diokno?

ay siya, nagkahindut-hindot ga ang kaso sa Korte Suprema.

mantakin mong ala naman palang nagreklamo.

ay ba't may kaso at pinagpistahan pa ng "medya" at sinalsal. gay-ong ala naman pala nag-akusa.

parang ulaga areng anak ni pepe diokno. daig pa ang nakabarik ng tatlong gabi.

your honors, i am attorney no case, representing nobody in this case.

pakilasa ko'y may matatanggalan ng lisensiya ng pagka abogado nire.''

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