Radio Host to James Deakin: "This post of yours is telegraphing or conveying a misconception.."

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In response to media personality, James Deakin's social media post, affirming Ayala company CEO's statement that the government should not depend on the private sector in trying to survive the health crisis, fearless radio host, Mark Lopez posted a message to Deakin, clarifying the said issue.

Known not just as a motoring journalist and TV host, Deakin is additionally considered as a social media influencer, a celebrity in his own right, reason why everytime he speaks, people listen.

However, his latest comment on the issue of the Ayala company head regarding the 'overdependence' of the government to private sectors, did not actually sit well with Mark Lopez, another social media influencer and a well-known Duterte supporter.

Photo shared by Mark Lopez | Credit to the owner

But in all fairness, Lopez did not in anyway castigate Deakin. He just wanted to let the motoring journalist know that his comment may send a wrong message to people, hence, opposed Deakin's statement and said that there is no dependence by the government to the private sector, whatsoever.

Likewise, Lopez righteously calls for unity and told Deakin that he will remain his fan regardless.

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Read his full message and post below:

"Hi Boss James Deakin...

I know deep in your heart, you mean well and you have the best of intentions.

But this post of yours is telegraphing or conveying a misconception, and will be taken as such by your massive following.

Perhaps the premise is false to begin with. I do not believe the government is depending too much on the private sector.

And I do not know the circumstances that led Mr Tan of Ayala to assert that in an interview, but the initiatives coming from the private sector are voluntary, di ba?

Most important, the situation we have now is extra ordinary. You would be one of the first to know and appreciate that. And everybody, from the President of this country, to the CEOs of the top 10 corporations, to the nouveau rich, to the middle class, and all the way down to the ordinary Juan will be severely affected by this pandemic and its disruptive force.

Come to think of it, governments of even 1st world countries cannot cope up with Covid-19.

It is why even the world's wealthiest like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are going all in to help.

So no, there is no dependence by our government to the private sector.

In this age of Covid-19, there actually is no distinction.

We are all dependent on each other, whatever our station in life is, and whether we are in government, or outside of it.

And hopefully, and TOGETHER, we will heal AS ONE.

Still your fan,

Mark Lopez"

Source: Mark Lopez

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