Acclaimed Artist Writes an Open Letter to Kris Aquino: "Kuya Ipe yelled at dignitaries for you, without Cameras and Reporters"

Philip Salvador | Kris Aquino | Photo credit to Abante

Critically acclaimed, awarded in the performing arts, a professional theater performer and teacher, painstakingly took his time out to write an open letter to actress Kris Aquino so as to defend the latter's ex-partner, actor Philip Salvador, and the father of Kris' eldest son, Josh.

Njel de Mesa, who is also a published author and an award-winning musician, once took to social media to share a defense story he himself allegedly witnessed about the behavior and attitude of Salvador towards Kris Aquino, without the actress knowing and hearing it from him, without cameras and reporters.

Njel de Mesa | Photo credit to Manila Times

On a Facebook post, de Mesa addressed Aquino and said that he needed to disclose a story to the latter since she said that she was profoundly hurt with the actor's portrayal that appears to taunt her in front of an audience.

The artist then began to narrate his story when he and Salvador were together in a private dinner in Hong kong amid President Duterte's visit. 

According to de Mesa, some dignitaries or high ranking people with influence suddenly talked about Kris Aquino and completely mocks the latter and laugh at her. 

And to his surprised, instead of just shrugging it off and ignoring those other people, Salvador unexpectedly yelled and slammed his hand violently on the table and told them not to talk to the mother of his child that way. 

Photo shared by Njel de Mesa | Credit to his Facebook account


De Mesa then shared how shocked he was to be hearing those words from the actor despite his common conflict with the actress, just so to protect her and his child. 

The award winning artist likewise admired Salvador and expressed his respect to the latter for doing such, even without Aquino's knowledge, without cameras and reporters. and in particular, in a capacity where the President is in, and shouted at those VIPs, so as to defend Kris. 

Read his full post below:

"Dear Ms. Kris Aquino,

It's been a very long time since I last posted something on facebook. In fact, people were quite worried to whatever happened to me--finding that my absence on social media was uncharacteristic. I have, since Christmas last year, been busy relentlessly editing my movie #KontrAdiksyon. But despite my already stressful life right now, I think I have to tell you this story since you said so yourself that you were deeply hurt with #PhilipSalvador's sketch that seem to mock you onstage.

Your "X" and I were together in a private dinner in Hongkong during the President's visit there last year. A lot of dignitaries were there--seated with us, on our table. Seeing Philip Salvador and remembering the concurrent debacle you had then with Mocha, those "other" people ended up literally mocking you. They were laughing their asses off while they were at it. (I don't want to say what they actually said 'cause it'll just add insult to injury) Anyway, I was quite unnerved knowing that it might agitate Kuya Ipe. But I also thought perhaps he'll just let it slide since you're probably all used to that by now--given that you're both public figures.

However, here's the twist. I was awestruck when Kuya Ipe suddenly yelled and slammed his hand violently on the table and said, "YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT THE MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN LIKE THAT!! YOU DON'T EVER!!". I had goosebumps hearing that. Wow. My respect for him quadrupled at that moment. Despite everything that had happened to the both of you--he would still react that way to protect you... and your children! And he did... without you not even knowing it, without the prospect of hearing it from him, without cameras and reporters--and most importantly, in a function where the President is in. He yelled at dignitaries--for you.

I was emailing my associate editor files for my final cut and I saw news reports of how Kuya Ipe is answering back to your videos. And I thought, maybe I should take a second here. I should let you know that you don't even have to tell him to respect you. He actually does--even when you're not looking. Even when you're not around.

Okay, so perhaps SAP #BongGo ended up teasing him and he retorted back in a way that made fun of you onstage. But in the light of entertaining the crowd he was--more so--making fun of himself. But this isn't about that. I am writing this... just in case, it would allay hurt feelings and perhaps inspire love and good sport with you. I heard you are sick and perhaps this story would make you tad bit better.

Haaaay... Back to work."

SourceNjel De Mesa

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