Ex-Presidential Assistant sIams Duterte critics: Why keep blaming him?

"Why keep blaming him?"

That's how former Presidential Assistant on Economic Affairs and journalist Jose Alejandrino started his post questioning President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's critics. 

In one of his Facebook posts, Alejandrino elucidated who's really to blame on things that has been happening in the country. He also explains the contribution and the accountability of the past administrations on some controversial issues in the Philippines.

Photo from National Post, President Rodrigo Duterte

"Duterte did not create corruption. It is our political system that was responsible for it.

Duterte did not promote the spread of illegal drugs. It was the previous administration which promoted it.

Duterte is not responsible for the loss of Mischief Reef and Scarborough Shoal. Mischief was lost during the time of FVR and Scarborough during the time of Noynoy. Now some are advocating a war with China to recover them.

Duterte is not responsible for the insurgency. The communist insurgency grew during the time of Cory.

Duterte is not responsible for terrorism. His military took back Marawi from terrorists. The Opposition criticized him for imposing martial law in Mindanao.

Duterte cleaned up his own backyard in Davao. Now his crit*cs are bIaming him for wanting to do the same throughout the nation.

Duterte did not destabilize any duly-elected president. Now the Opposition wants to oust him as the duly-elected president.

We are tired of this nonsense. The only way to end it as I had said before is by a revolutionary government."

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