Former TV Host on ABS-CBN Shutdown: "Lies vs. Facts. Don't imagine life without the Lopez Company."

Jay Sonza | ABS-CBN logo | Photo credit to the owner

On Tuesday, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) ordered the country's largest media network, ABS-CBN, to stop broadcasting immediately after its license expired.

The network allegedly went off the air on free TV and radio, across the Philippines on Tuesday evening.

ABS-CBN sign off message | Photo credit to the owner
The said shutdown is currently the trending topic on social media as lawmakers, celebrities and netizens decry the closing of the Kapamilya network.

While many are expressing their sadness and support to ABS-CBN, some though seems to approve and support the government's decision.

One of those is no other than former TV host, veteran journalist and well-known President Duterte supporter, Mr. Jay Sonza.

On his latest Facebook post, Mr. Sonza bravely explicits his opinion and opposed the news that people will allegedly be denied of information during this time of crisis just because of ABC-CBN's closing.

President and CEO of ABS-CBN Corp., Carlo Katigbak | Photo credit to the owner

"It is not true that people will be denied information in this time of pandemic or anytime because abs-cbn expired and went OFF the air.", he wrote.

The former TV Host then listed some qualified network that as per him are also source of news and information.

Sonza likewise said that people should try not to envision life without the network as life continued for Filipinos even before.

Below is his full Facebook post:

"Lies vs. Facts.

It is not true that people will be denied information in this time of pandemic or anytime because abs-cbn expired and went OFF the air.

There over a 1000 TV, Radio, Webcast, Direct TV Network, plus Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The following are the fountain of news, information & education:

1. Manila Broadcasting Company - DZRH, DZRH-TV, Yes FM, Love Radio, Easy Rock, & 150 affiliate community FM stations & cable providers nationwide.

2. GMA Network Incorporated, RGMA, GMA News TV - Channels 7 & 11, DZBB and it's provincial radio & TV stations.

3. Media Quest & Cignal HD - TV5, Aksyon Radio, Aksyon TV, OnePhils, OneNews, OneSports

4. Radio Mindanao Network - DZXL and it's provincial stations

5. Bureau of Broadcast - Radyo Pilipino & it's provincial radio stations

6. Aliw Broadcasting Network - DWIZ, Home Radio & it's provincial radio stations.

7. People's Television Network - channel 4 & it's provincial stations.

8. intercontinental Broadcasting Service - channel 13 & it's provincial stations

9. Radio Philippines Network - CNN Philippines & it's provincial stations.

10. Eagle Broadcasting Service - Net25, GEM TV, DZEC & it's provincial stations

12. Progressive Broadcasting Service - channel 37 UNTV News & Rescue, LA Verdad Radio, DWNU & its provincial stations.

13. Sunshine Media Network Incorporated - channel 47, Angel Radio & provincial stations.

14. Bombo Radyo Nationwide

15. Capitol Broadcasting Network - DZME & provincial stations.

16. Catholic Broadcasting Network - Radio Veritas & affiliate provincial stations

17. Fareast Broadcasting Network

18. First United Broadcasting Company

20. Audience Broadcasting Inc.

21. Southern Broadcasting Network

22. Fifty Four (54) other networks scattered all over the country.

23. G-Sat News beamed nationwide.

Don't imagine life without the Lopez Company. Life went on for Filipinos for 14 years without abs-cbn from 1972 to 1986."

Source: Jay Sonza

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