New York Univ. Alumna Reveals the Real Destabilizers: "You know who deserves the worst karma?"

Krizette Laureta Chu | Photo credit to the owner
New York University alumna, social media influencer and well-known writer, Krizette Laureta Chu, once again fired her fearless thoughts and wrote a powerful revelation, this time regarding the present government's real destabilizers who as per her, are still hungry for power.

This dauntless opinion of Chu came after the alleged expose of a former opposition supporter, regarding Dilawan bloggers who were allegedly being paid by the Liberal Party.

Liberal Party Bloggers, Madam Claudia and Jover Laurio | Photo credit to the owner
With this shocking turn of events, Chu then revealed who she thinks are the real destabilizers. And according to her, they are the bankrollers who pays people like Madam Claudia, Jover and Falcis.

Who are these bankrollers as per Chu? No other than the Aquinos themselves, allegedly led by their biggest donor, Kris Aquino.

Kris Aquino | Photo credit to the owner

Read her full shocking and powerful post below: 


To be honest, I do not hate Jover or the other people who have maligned us over the years.

They’re working. I have come to understand that. It’s nothing personal to them. They have a job to do, mouths to feed, houses to build. Million peso weddings to have. Japan honeymoons to go to.

Yes, they could’ve earned that money in other ways, but P400,000 for Madam Claudia in a span of few months—you have an idea why it was so tempting. Just write shit about Duterte and his most outspoken supporters, and you get more money than you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

(Apparently Mocha got all the flak because if you wrote about her, they paid more. Kaya pala they call me LOW TIER kasi may tiering pala talaga sa bayaran. Yikes. Writing about me wasn’t as profitable as writing about Mocha or for example RJ. Basta the ones with huge numbers of followers. They paid just to attack us and make up all those graphics to make US look bayaran. Ako pa, you can’t even pay me to bantay our tindahan and negosyo. Lol.)

I reserve my intense hatred for the real destabilizers. Because Jover and Madam Claudia—they are replaceable. They are nothing. The oligarch mentality of their bosses means they are just used and, when done, discarded.

You know who deserves the worst karma? The bankrollers, who the “little people” like Falcis and Madam Claudia are saying are... the Aquinos.

No, not just Kris Aquino pretending to be nice to Bong Go and then paying Jover to boost her articles or Madam Claudia saying Bam Aquino paid her (along with LP.)

Don’t forget that Kris Aquino and her sisters gave P10 million too to Akbayan.

There are many organizations that the government calls the legal front of the NPA, the “communist allied orgs,” the CPP bloc.

Anyone who still gets Kris Aquino to endorse is basically pouring money into the organizations and destabilizers she supports, including Jover.

To support the product Kris Aquino endorses is to support these people.

Kris Aquino was Akbayan’s biggest campaign donor at P10 million with her sisters giving P2 million each. Not chump change in 2012.

Akbayan’s congressional representative was RISA HONTIVEROS, who is now the most disruptive of the Senators. Risa Hontiveros owes a lot to the Aquinos, because she ran under LP for Senate 2013 and 2016, the first time she didn’t win, and then we know what happened.

Etta Rosales who pretends to be fair, also benefitted so much from the Aquino government. When she speaks, people are like, “OMG, even Etta Rosales is anti Duterte. Duterte must be so wrong, #babaeako.” Yes, she’s anti Duterte because is Akbayan who benefited from the Aquino government, where Aquino even made her CHR chief.

All these fake Communists who are nothing but paid destabilizers are gross, who instead of helping this country rise, have tried very much to pull it down just so their power hungry group can take back power, and then take back the coffers.

NEVER AGAIN. you will never live to take back power again.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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