Veteran Journalist Sets the Record Straight and Exposes Real Reasons Behind ABS-CBN Shutdown

Jay Sonza |  ABS-CBN | Photo credit to the owner
A lot has already been said about the huge controversy surrounding one of the most influential media networks in the country, ABS-CBN or popularly known as the “Kapamilya” Network.

This said controversy is due to the expiration of the network's congressional franchise on 4 May, 2020 followed by a “cease and desist” order issued by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on 5 May, 2020.

Filipinos were stunned and taken by surprise as they took to social media to to express their views on the matter. Netizens were then divided, with some defending the network and got mad with the shutdown, while others showed support and favored it's closing.

ABS-CBN supporters | Photo credit to the owner
Now, to set the record and history straight, veteran journalist and former TV host, Mr. Jay Sonza, took to social media to explain the alleged reasons of ABS-CBN's going off air.

According to him, there are 4 main reasons why the network was close down. 

Jay Sonza | Photo credit to the owner 

Read his reasons and full post below: 

"setting the record & history straight.

ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation, the epicenter of Lopez Empire was sequestered, mothballed and confiscated in favor of the Philippine government 1972, because of the following reasons:

1. The Lopez's failed to meet their financial obligations of US$600 million or about PH30 billion pesos (sovereign) guaranteed by the government of the Republic of the Philippines.

2. The owners (Eugenio Lopez Jr., Sergio Osmena III, et al) in partnership with the Aquinos and the CPP-NPA were charged and found guilty of attempted assassination of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.

Lopez & Osmena escaped to the USA via Australia and stayed in America until after the EDSA Mutiny and Aquino was installed as president.

3. ABS CBN was given back to the Lopez's on a silver platter in 1986 by then Pres. Cory Aquino without paying a single centavo to the Philippine government who paid their US$600 Million loans to the Development Bank of the Philippines.

4. ABS CBN was not shutdown because of Martial Law or curtailment of press freedom. umutang, nanuba at nakipagsabwatan sa mga komunista upang patayin ang tumulong sa kanila para makautang at lumawak ang kanilang negosyo."

Source: Jay Sonza

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