Netizen slams Sharon Cuneta: "Kung magsalita ka po parang ang laki ng utang na loob sa iyo ng mga Duterte"

MJ Quiambao Reyes | Sharon Cuneta | CTTO
Amidst the ongoing tirade between actress, Sharon Cuneta and her frustrations with the present government, some Duterte supporters retaliated their letdown on the actress and express their displeasure on her.

Cuneta's grievances have been the biggest social media trends on the past couple of days now, that after her being upset and outraged by a netizen who threatened her daughter Frankie Pangilinan, the Megastar somewhat vented her dissatisfaction on what has become of the country and some of its leaders.

Frankie Pangilinan | Photo credit to the owner
And this actually leads to her political opinions, finally admitting that it pained her to hear President Duterte publicly attacking her husband, Kiko Pangilinan, while she kept silent about it over the years.

She then stressed that she only supported and campaigned for Leni Robredo last 2016 elections and in fact is rooting for the latter to be the next President of the the Philippines so decency will finally go back to the country.

Actress Sharon Cuneta | Photo credit to the owner
These words from the Megastar did not sit well with Duterte supporters. Some called her a hypocrite for being friends with the Dutertes before then changed her perspective all of a sudden.

One of the DDS who slams Cuneta is MJ Quiambao Reyes, who in a recent Facebook post questioned the actress' real motive for being in good terms with the Dutertes before, thus, said that the megastar speaks as if she did the first family a very big favor, where in fact, it is the other way around.

Below is her very powerful post: 

"TITA naman, kung ikaw nga di mo makontrol ang panlalait ng asawa't anak mo sa tinatawag mo'ng "Tatay", how can you expect him to control the opinion and curtail his millions of supporters' freedom of expression just to please you?

Kung magsalita ka po parang ang laki ng utang na loob sa iyo ng mga Duterte when, as you said so yourself, you never really campaigned for him–and instead, sang at Grace Poe's miting de avance as a sign of support.

Alam mo kung sino mas nakinabang noong pinili mo'ng magpa-photo op sa mortal enemy ng mister mo na tinatawag mo'ng "Tatay"? It was you, not the President. You sure knew it was the right move for you and your brother. Because of that photo and your 'friendship' with his daughter, his millions of supporters thought you were different from your husband and somehow began to like you–or began to like you AGAIN. So please, stop acting like you were used or were not treated fairly by him or by his supporters. You sure know who used who.

Sana nga nanindigan ka noon pa. Baka nakuha mo pa ang respeto ng tatlong porsyento at di ka pwedeng bansagang hunyango. "

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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