New York Univ. Alumna on Robredo's ABS-CBN Franchise Denial Statement: "This woman is a genius."

Krizette Laureta Chu | Vice President Leni Robredo | CTTO
With the latest denial of application for a franchise of media giant ABS-CBN Corp. by the House of Representative Committee, social media was flooded by frustrations and anger from the network's supporters, netizens, and other politicians, mostly from the Liberal Party.

ABS-CBN stars and employees also expressed their heartbreak online over the decision. 

ABS-CBN stars who joins the rally in Batasang Pambansa | Photo credit to the owner
The decision was made with a majority of 70 affirmative votes in favor of the "Resolution Denying the Franchise Application of ABS-CBN Corporation to Construct, Install, Establish, Operate, and Maintain Radio and Broadcasting Stations in the Philippines", thus, 11 lawmakers allegedly voted in the negative, 1 abstention and 2 others inhibited.

One of those who explicits resentment on the denial is no other than Vice President Leni Robredo who allegedly advice Filipinos to remember the names of the officials and congressmen who deviates from their beliefs and make them accountable for it.

Photo shared by Krizette Chu | Photo credit to the owner
This statement of Robredo did not sit well with New York University alumna and fearless writer, Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu, who in a recent Facebook post, castigated the Vice President and calls out the 70 Congressmen who voted against ABS-CBN franchise.

Chu then retaliates Robredo's remarks and called the latter a genius for allegedly alienating the Congress.

Read her powerful post below: 


Leni Robredo tells her supporters to remember the names of the congressmen who did not vote in favor of ABS CBN, papanagutin daw niya.

Number one, sounds like a dictator, isn’t they? She sounds exactly like Noynoy Aquino, but with hair.

Number two, good luck this coming election for LP, after threatening 70 congressmen whom your senators, VP, and President contestants (i mean, candidates) will need to coordinate with for your provincial rallies. Wag niyo bigyan ng permit and the LP LGU candidates under them, wag suportahan.

This woman is a genius. She has alienated the PNP, the Army, and now the Congress."

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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