Radio Host on Pres. Duterte's Jolo Prostration: "Hallmark of a true leader with authentic malasakit"

President Rodrigo Duterte | Mark Lopez Facebook post | CTTO
Veteran radio host and prominent blogger, Mark Lopez, once again took to social media to openly expressed his admiration to President Rodrigo Duterte, who recently went to Jolo, Sulu to visit the site of the twin bombings that killed 15 people, including eight soldiers, and injured 74 others on Aug. 24.

In the said visit, the President allegedly kissed the ground where the twin blasts occurred in Jolo, Sulu to honor those who were killed.

President Rodrigo Duterte kissing the ground | CTTO

President Rodrigo Duterte visits Jolo, Sulu | CTTO

With this act of humility from President Duterte himself, veteran radio host, Mark Lopez, explicits great respect to the 75-year old leader, hence, chided on the oppositions expected negative reaction on the said act.

President Rodrigo Duterte in Jolo, Sulu visit | CTTO
Read his very powerful post below:


In Jolo yesterday, President Rody Duterte made that gesture known to Muslims as Sujood or Sujud or Pagtitirapa.

This is an act of prostration where one bows down completely with the forehead touching the ground, signifying utmost humility, respect and reverence, and acknowledging the power and greatness of a more supreme being.

What PRRD did was to humble himself before those soldiers and innocents who died because of that cruel terrorist bombing, and conveying that powerful message that he will do everything to give them justice they deserve.

It is also an act of genuine respect to the community, and telling them that he is their public servant.

He did the act spontaneously, because that is the hallmark of a true leader with authentic malasakit.

Of course, it will be expected that the yellow-red-oligarch-elitists-wokininams will try to dismiss or downplay this as a publicity stunt.

Seriously? You go to a war-torn, dangerous and besieged territory just to create publicity?

You mean you are in denial that a cowardly act of terrrorism took place in that area, which took the lives of soldiers and innocents, and severely maimed and injured others while also destroying property and livelihood?

And it is because of this bombing which compelled our 75-year old President to go there and risk his own life, and that of his entourage, because he needs to personally assure the community and the family of the victims that his government is not backing down and will go after the perpetrators.

Most important of all, he went there to personally emphatize, grieve, and assure his troops that he is there with the all-out support of government.

You don't do this just for the sake of propaganda, when there is too much at stake.

This is an authentic act of courage.

You do this because you really care.

And that my dear fellow Filipinos, is our President."

Source: Mark Lopez

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