Former TV Host on Duterte's 91% Trust Rating: "Pilipinas, Ang Sarap mong Mahalin!"

Jay Sonza | President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO

Former TV host, Veteran journalist and broadcaster Mr. Jay Sonza, once again took his stand to social media and showed the online world how he is amazed and proud with all the things that are happening in President Duterte's administration, now that the latter's latest approval rating rises to 91% amid pandemic.

On his latest Facebook post, Sonza tells the world how great to love the Philippines at the present, with all it's accomplishments under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte.

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President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo credit to the owner

He then listed down top achievements of the President and expressed full pride of them all.

Check out his full Facebook post below:


Ang sarap mong mahalin.

1. 91% President's Trust Rating by the Filipino people. One of the most respected leaders of the world.
2. The country's Peso is the strongest currency in the Asian region with China as its front runner.
3. Close to US$100 Billion in International Reserves. One of the highest in the world.
4. Highest Covid19 patient recovery rate of 87% to 96%.
5. Highest Covid19 mass testings per population ratio in the world.
6. Still one of the top economic and investment destination in the world.
7. Acknowledged as leader in the world's environment protection, mitigation and recovery.
8. Acknowledged as world leader in the fight against illegal drugs and terrorism.


Kayang-kaya basta sama-sama."

Source: Jay Sonza

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